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  • A wonderful way to understand and appreciate a culture is by casting a curious eye upon how food is prepared and served. Great civilizations create grand cuisin
  • Karagöz is a shadow play performed by an artist and is based on the funny dialogues and squabbles between Karagöz and Hacivat. The comical effect is achieved by
  • More Than A Sporting Competition History of wrestling is almost identical with the history of humanity, and it was present in some form in almost every civilisa
  • Age-long Experience Anatolia (a.k.a Asia Minor) has been the health hub of its territory since antiquity. Thermal springs and historical healing sites are the t
  • Nevruz is widely celebrated in the northern hemisphere, particularly in societies that speak Turkish and Persian. Nevruz comes from the Persian words nev and ru
  • Every landscape of Turkey forms the backdrop and context for people and events, with perhaps the most thrilling aspect of travelling the ability to become an ac
  • European countries developed their coffee brewing methods after deriving coffee drinking habit from the Turks; however, the method of brewing Turkish coffee has
  • 1. Arts of the Meddah, public storytellers (2008) The Art of the Meddah (Public Storytelling) may be described as the art of telling stories for the purpose of
  • 1. Historic Areas of Istanbul (1985) The Historic Areas of İstanbul, situated on a peninsula surrounded by the Sea of Marmara, Boğaziçi (Bosphorus), and Haliç (
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