In order to rule such a great state as the Hittite Empire, it was natural to establish ties with bordering countries. These relations were made possible by the use of cuneiform scripts on tablets. A considerable tradition of correspondence carried on between nations of that time. One of those most significant corespondences was, beyond any doubt, the worldwide-known Treaty of Kadesh made between Pharaoh Ramesses II and Hattusili III in 1269 BC. One version of this treaty was carved into the walls of Egyptian Temples. The Hittite version recorded on a piece of tablet was found in Boğazköy excavations. This tablet is preserved today at İstanbul Archaeological Museum.

The Treaty of Kadesh is the first international peace treaty recorded in history. This cuneiform tablet, found in Hattusas and regarded to be the symbolic foundation of a diplomacy based on a modern understanding, was then copied, magnified and put on display in the UN Headquarter of New York.

Hittites: The Absolute Military and Political Power of Its Time

Hittites, becoming a superpower in the Near East together with Babylonians, Assyrians and Egyptian Civilizations in 2000 BC, were once the strongest military and political power that is considered to be still alive thanks to this civilization’s cultural heritages and monuments spread across Anatolia. They were the toughest challengers of the powerful Pharaohs of the Ancient Egypt, changing permanently the face of the Near East and taking the stage of history with their 3500-year-old background. The most spectacular ruins of Hittites that advance to the modern era can be seen in Hattusas.

How to Go?

Hattusas is situated in Boğazkale District of Çorum Province. It is located 87 kilometer to the southwest of Çorum. It is 220 km from Ankara and 215 km from Ankara Esenboğa Airport whereas the distance from Merzifon Airport is 150 km.

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