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  • With ancient cities hidden among forests with oxygen-rich air, Antalya is a holiday paradise offering much more than one might expect. Antalya was founded in 15
  • Having been a sanctuary for early Christians, Cappadocia is an open air museum full of unequal natural and cultural components. The region of Cappadocia is loca
  • Erzurum, containing a highly qualified ski resort, is like a haven for winter sport lovers who would like to ski for eight months on steep slopes carpeted by fi
  • Charming visitors with the glittering Gypsy Girl mosaic, Gaziantep takes you on a delicious journey full of local delicacies. For centuries Gaziantep has become
  • For more than 1500 years İstanbul was the capital of Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. With one arm reaching out to Asia and the other to Europe, İstanbul i
  • The beautiful İzmir pulls you into a world of picturesque modernity and traditions, with its refreshing touches to the human souls. İzmir is the ancient city of
  • As one of the main producer of hazelnut crops of Turkey, Ordu invites you to a beautiful landscape amid the pleasant sea breezes. Ordu is a green spot set betwe
  • It is the traditional houses of Safranbolu that have earned the city a world-wide reputation and inscribed it on UNESCO's World Heritage List, with many trailin
  • Predating Stonehenge by 6000 years, Şanlıurfa’s Göbeklitepe upends the widely-held views on the rise of civilization. With a history of 12,000 years, Şanlıurfa,
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